Game of the Week: EXIT the game

With a dozen or so different themed options to play, EXIT: The Game might not offer unlimited replay-ability, but it is the perfect choice for an evening in, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic! 

In all versions of the card-based game, players have to use creativity, team work and out-of-the-box deduction to crack codes, solve puzzles, collect "objects" and work their way to success. A pen or pencil, paper and scissors may be required when you play. 

Note: you can avoid destroying the game elements (so you can pass it on to a friend at a later date!) by photocopying or tracing elements that might need to be altered.

One of our personal favourites is 'The Stormy Flight,' where, as crewmembers on a plane bound for Barbados, you find yourself suddenly in an electrical storm with an alarm light on. 

"You have a queasy feeling that the rest of the flight might become a great adventure."

At a difficulty level of two out of five, 'The Stormy Flight' is the perfect EXIT game to start with. It feels as close to an escape game as you can get (other than, of course, our virtual or in-room offerings!)

Purchase yours in our shop! 

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