Game of the Week- Ghost Blitz

Ghost Blitz

It can be a little confusing to delve into the world of board games but we promise you that creating a new fun hobby with the family will be well worth it. There is so much beyond Monopoly, Scrabble and a deck of cards but where do you even start? Shopping for and playing different games doesn't have to be intimidating and as always we're here to help! There are a variety of games out there which are the perfect fit for you and your gaming aspirations. We have the perfect suggestion for a fun playing, fast game that everyone can learn. Once you try it once you'll keep going back to it over and over again.We love Ghost Blitz at Looking Glass Adventures! It's a simple matching game that tests your reflexes with the challenge of thinking and reacting faster than your opponents.

Ghost Blitz is a effortless game to learn and super easy for kids 8+ to play. (Younger kids can learn but  there is  a Jr. version that I would recommend to purchase.) 

Ghost Blitz is a classic game in the 'board game world' which has won many awards. It's okay if you haven't heard of it however, it is one that we insist should be on your shelf.

Since it's a unique game that not many people own but will like once they try, it makes an excellent gift too! Kids are already familiar with matching games - so it makes the learning curve even easier along with willingness to try it out.

Ghost Blitz is very versatile. You can play this with a bunch of adults or as a family. We use to have tournaments at work which got pretty competitive and always lots of fun. This is fast 20 minute game that will be a happy distraction on a rainy day or whenever you want to unplug and spend some family time together.

One big bonus is that you will not have to let kids win. It's amazing to see how fast younger minds can process a match and beat you to the answer. If fact, I guarantee you that you will be marveling their synapses as you process the answer slightly slower. With that said as soon as you get into a pattern of paying, the game can throw a curveball so it's anyone's game.

Ghost Blitz is available on our store for $21.95. Ghost Blitz Jr is $19.95. If you have ghost blitz but are looking for another fun game try Animal Upon Animal, Rhino Hero or Spot It. You can look for more family friendly games in our Family Friendly Collection.

Remember delivery is free with a $25.00 minimum purchase. You can also arrange for curbside pick up.

We hope you get to try Ghost Blitz and create some fun memories of your own. Happy Gaming!

If you're interested in seeing how the game is played as well as a review- please watch the video below.



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