Our Best 2 Player Games

Whether you're looking to fill your evening with something a little more interactive or you're looking to pry the kid's eyes away from their screens so they can interact and enjoy and good 'ol analog game for a while, we have you covered for our favourite 2 (or more) player games.


Deckscape Games

Deckscape is one of the newer generation of escape room inspired games however what is special with it lies with its simplicity. Using a set of cards, solve the puzzle and then flip of it over to see the answer.  Follow each unique story and appropriately themed puzzles. This game can be played by 2 players and involves a lot of communication and collaboration to get through. We would recommend any of our Escape Room Inspired Games for a 2 player game.  

Fox in the Forest

Fox in the Forest and Fox in the Forest Duet are 2 games specially designed for 2 players. The mechanisms of the game involve trick taking and we'll leave that to our favourite board game bloggers to explain. What we cal tell you is this new release is one of the best 2 player games out there. It's work picking up, learning how to play as you'll be going back again and again to play. Also check out Fox in the Forest Duet which is the follow up to the popular game and expands on the gameplay.

The Mind

The Mind and The Mind Extreme are 2 best selling card games that can work well for a 2 player game or with a few more players. This is a corporate game where you and your team must play your cards in low to high order. The trick is that you can't see each other's cards or communicate. Working together, you might try to rid your hands of as many cards you can without missing count. If you do, you start over. It's intense and strangely enough has some sort of magical quality where you can actually use your mind reading powers to persevere. 


Perhaps the best well known 2 player game is Patchwork. Compete against each other by crafting a quilt. While peacefully quilting, you realize that your quilt pieces are all different sizes and shapes (oh no!) and you must try to fit each piece in as tightly as possible. Patchwork works well for a range of players and takes only about 20-30 minutes to play. Check out the standard or holiday version as well as the express version if you're short on time. We'd recommend the express version for kids 6+ to get into the fun.

Spot It! 

Spot It! Is a must have game and the Harry Potter version certainly will be a coveted item this Holiday Season. Whether you want to the kids to play peacefully together for a moment or have a fast game ready for a moment of fun, Spot It! is a crowd pleaser. For 2-8 players and ages 7+ there is a Spot It! game for everyone on your holiday list. Check out All our Spot It! games here: Harry Potter, Spot It! 1, 2, 3 for younger kids (3+), Spot It! Animal Jr. , Spot It Camping.


To follow up on a classic card game with many versions comes another. Timeline is a fun card game that involves a bit of trivia. Using more logic and guessing rather that specific knowledge, sort your cards with your opponent in order of date. Sounds easy? What came first the invention of playings cards or the invention of a sandwich? Mix and match all the versions or pick your favourites. This is a fun dinner party game that leads to lots of fun speculation and conversations. We currently have Timeline Events and Timeline Canada in stock with other versions arriving any day now.

Fog of Love

Be the stars of your own rom-com with Fog of Love. You and your teammate play a co-operative game of romance. Will it stand the test of time? or was it doomed from the start. Keep in mind you're not playing as yourselves but as characters you build in the game. As you encounter life events and challenges, you see if you're compatible with withstand the storm. Also add in fun expansions like it will never last for extra character cards and fun.
2 player games are great opportunity to take some time out of a busy day to reconnect and have some bonding time with your teammate. Check out our entire collection of games that work well for 2 players. As aways we aim to bring fun and somewhat simple games to you that can be enjoyed by the whole family. You really can't go wrong with any games on this list.

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