Valentine's Day Games

Okay, so we all know that Valentine's Day is one of those 'Hallmark' holidays and truthfully is a little cheesy. We all need to break out of the mundane these days so we see any holiday as an excuse to break try something a little different.

Here are some of our recommendations of products or collections that make great gifts and are fit for 2 players. Why not try a game you can play as a couple and do something a little different for the occasion?

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Instant Play Digital Escape Rooms 

  • Price: $19-$29.95
  • Number of players: 2+
  • Playtime- 60-90+ Minutes (one time play)

These gifts are perfect for the spontaneous or last minute shopper. You don't have to leave your house and you can do your shopping at anytime. All you need is to purchase the game, receive a code to log in and play!


Save the titanic or get drawn into the wold of secret agents with a print-cut-escape room. These games are great fun, easy to start and set up and allow for some fun and unique puzzles that only playing from home can offer. You can also make it more of a social event and play with friends over zoom!


Indie Puzzles

  • Price $15.95-$29.95
  • Number of Players- 1+
  • Playtime- 4+ hours and likely longer

The Enigma Emporium is a fabulous Indie company that  has a full line of story based puzzles. From Carte Rouge which looks just like a set of intricate playing cards to the wish you were here series where you follow clues on a set of postcards to solve the crime. These puzzles are original, unique and perfect of the puzzle enthusiast. 



Escape Room the Game 2 Player

  • Price $19.95 (on sale!)
  • Players 2 (you could add more in the same household)
  • Playtime 1 hr per game

It's actually pretty hard to design a well thought out 2 player game and this edition by Identity Games is somewhat of a hidden gem. Receive 2 full games as well as a bonus tutorial game, these games are perfectly designed for the puzzle solving duo. This is an authentic type escape room game where you're relying on layouts of rooms to help solve the clues. Put your answers into app on your phone to get from step to step. 




Love Letter

  • Price $19.95
  • Players 2-4
  • Playtime 30 minutes

Not all the games we carry are escape room style and here is one that is a little more of a romance. We love a good and simple card game and this one is perfect for a valentine's theme. Play the role of a suitor and try to win the most affection tokens from the princess. The player with the most tokens at the end of the game wins. 


Fox in the Forest

  • Price $19.95
  • Players 2
  • Playtime 30 minutes

Another great game designed for 2 players is Fox in the Forest. Start or follow suite in the game and if you play the right card you win the 'tick' however the twist is it's not all about luck. You need to win points but not too many or else you'll be considered 'greedy' and start to lose points. Planning and strategy is just as important as the luck of the draw. This game is for 2 players, takes about 30 minutes to play and only about 5 minutes to learn.

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