What is new for Summer 2020! Remote Play Escape Rooms and New Board Games!

If you're like us, you're looking for ways to unplug and interact with the family. Being in social isolation makes that an even more challenging task while unplugging isn't always an option if you want to stay in touch with friends or family.

At Looking Glass Adventures, we have always been about interaction and socialization. With our ample time we have had away from running our escape rooms in Toronto, we have adapted to allow for some helpful products or services to keep you having taking in account of our 'new normal'.

Have you considered an virtual escape room? We host 2 live and interactive online escape rooms through zoom! It's basically a zoom session where you meet a host at our location who is streaming live video to you on site. They will be your host and your eyes and hands on location allowing you to search for clues, solve puzzles remotely. We've had a lot of fun hosting these and it's *almost* like playing in person.
Having an in person host and being on location still makes the game feel immersive and allows everyone to participate. If you're interested it's a $75.00 flat rate for up to 8 players. Bookings can be made online through out our website www.lookingglassadventures.com

    If you're heading to the cottage with the family or truely looking to unplug we have a few options for you. We have our birthday box or boredom buster box on sale which include some fun family games. We also have an amazing variety of take home escape room games. Our exit games are low cost at $19.95 each but packed full of fully puzzles that will keep you and the family busy for an hour or two.




    Last, we have some fun new arrivals that I wanted to highlight. From a Scooby Doo themed escape room game or an Alice in World Land Tea Party game we have a variety of fun games that'll keep you and the family engaged and unplugged. Check out our New Arrivals!

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