Print at Home Escape Game-timeQuest for Kids

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Team up with Mr & Mrs Q to save the universe from time-jumping supervillains! An exciting mission for friends and family.

  • Play from home
  • Easy to prepare
  • Printable escape game with online interface
  • Play with your household, or over web-cam

Purchase this game and get it delivered in your inbox immediately. These are great high production games that take about 1.5-2 hours to play. We suggest a team of 6 and for larger groups you can purchase multiple games to make it a competitive experience. 

How to get ready: Purchase and immediately receive an email with your URL to access the game. Print the paper puzzles prior to starting the game, get the paper puzzles ready by cutting them out and schedule your time to play!

Host an escape room with your friends either in person or through conferencing software with everyone safely at home.


Join the timeQuest team and save the universe from time-jumping supervillains! An exciting mission for parents and kids together.

  • Escape room at home for kids
  • Easy to prepare
  • Printable game with online game interface
  • Fun for families, birthday parties, schools

Aimed at younger secret agents (age 8 - 13) but open for everyone!

Why this escape game?

Family, birthday or school fun

Create a memorable escape event at home. Be part of it as a game host or play along with the kids.

Educational, skills development

Solving the puzzles develops lateral thinking, team work, spatial vision, communication and teaches about the concept of time.

Easy to prepare

A video guides you through each step of the preparation. Clear markings for cutting. Prepare on your own to surprise or with the kids together.

Online Game System

Interactive, age appropriate multimedia content. The videos give a little insight into the different ways how time was measured over time.